Daniele De Rossi has joined the call for the Serie A to start much earlier than usual.

Italy coach Giuampiero Ventura asked that the Serie A management bring the date for the start of the next Serie A season forward so it will help Italy’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup.

Daniele De Rossi believes only Machines can deliver Perfect Results

Daniele De Rossi believes it’s only the machines which can give you the perfect result all the time, a player won’t. An error is not impossible from a player regardless of his level of efficiency.

Rossi’s teammate Buffon embarrassed himself last night when he missed a routine kick which probably any naive goalie playing at the school or the University level would also connect.
With no connection between the ball and Buffon’s boot, a goal for Spain, the opponent side, was inevitable as one of their players did the formality of putting the ball in.

De Rossi proud to play for Roma

Daniele de Rossi has stated that he is proud to play for Roma.

He said that only fans and players would understand how it feels to play for such a club and that he does not have any regret to have played for a single team all his life. He said that it is rare to see a player stay at a club for so long in modern football but personally he likes what he has achieved with the club.


Italian defensive midfielder Daniele de Rossi is set to be displayed as the highest paid player in the league as Napoli is set to offer Gonzalo Higuain the title.

The argentine had a phenomenal last season and was offered a huge deal to move to China but he refused, preferring the competitive edge of European football.

Chinese outfit, Hebei, offered Higuain a reported 50 million Euros per year. The tempting

3 strikers Conte should take to EURO 2016

The EURO’s is coming up and soon to be Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has some tough decisions regarding the strike force he will take to France.

It’s been a long time since Italy has had an outstanding world-class striker so the choice will prove to be even more difficult for Conte with a list of average house-hold names. Here are a few candidates for the job this summer.